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Fake News (2019) 

Fake News (2019).jpg

Fake News is a video projection on collected pieces of styrofoam and parts from electronic devices. This piece integrates two steps of image distortion: firstly by editing the original video and secondly by projecting on an uneven surface. The video with the distorted image is generated from digitally editing a found footage which is a series of TV news concerning the danger of fake news. The uneven surface is created by fragments of electronics and styrofoam, which are usually used for protecting electronics, hung on the wall. 

This piece is about the issue of fake news and its danger; the distortion of the image conveys the distortion of facts. The first distortion, the edited video, refers to the truths altered by the primary source. The second distortion, the projection on the uneven surface, refers to the process where the information from the primary source gets distorted and spread further. Overall, it addresses the complexity and chaos following the issue of fake news in the modern information-oriented society that the distortion of facts aggravates as they are perceived and shared in diverse ways.

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